About us

I’m cheri Terracciano

Who are we?

We are Action Direct Delivery.  We deliver mainly industrial parts. We are called ‘hot shots’ for a reason.  We are the ones you call when you needed it yesterday. We pickup and deliver from point A to point B with no stops in between.  We are not on routes; we are here at your service when you need us.

We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We go 1,000 miles in 24 hours and until recently only used cars, pickups, mini-vans and suv’s.  We now have contracted with another who has 26’x8’ box trucks, so our loads now can go from a few ounces up 10,000 pounds, and can carry up to 13 pallets!

Our area of operation is generally the Pacific Northwest; I5 Corridor from the Canadian to the Mexican border. However, upon request, we have delivered elsewhere.

For example we picked up 60 jars of mayonnaise from Wilsonville, Oregon and took them to West Jordan, Utah. We picked up a package in Washougal, Washington and took it to a little town just northeast of Kalispell, Montana. We picked up a sprocket in Portland, Oregon and took it to North Lake Tahoe, California. So you see, we will go where you need us to be, and when you need us to be there.  No package is too small, and now we can at least accommodate you with the larger stuff as well!

Woman Owned

In the male dominated business world. We are proud that we are woman owned! We do things differently here, and we love it!

Retirees welcome

Flexibility, avalibility, reliability and awesome work ethics are our drivers’ traits! Trust me you will love them… because I do!

We are expanding

New locations, new services, more drivers! In the future we will be franchising! Comming to a new location near you!