Program Options and Pricing – Free Option

We believe in informed clients and thus will not enroll anyone into our service until they review our free guidebook that explains everything you need to know about the issuance and usage of CPN’s and SCN’s. To obtain this free ebook please fill out the form to the right or call us at 813-345-4097

CPN Number 3 Phase Program

Our program is an extremely unique program that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a private number.

Quick Pricing Overview – See below for details of each phase

Phase 1 – Validated Number w/ $300-$500 Preapproved Capital One Account – $200 (Obtain one for FREE, we will show you how. Just fill out the form)

Phase 2 – Add AU Accounts – $50-$250 (depends on amount of AU accounts needed)

Phase 3 – 4-6 Approved Credit Cards – $400 after you receive cards

Phase One – Development – $200 (DIY for Free)

In this Number Development phase we have to create your number and get you approved for a $500 Capital One Credit Card. (obtain one for free, Just fill in the form to the right)

Items Needed To Get Started

  • Name as shown on Drivers License
  • Date of Birth
  • Clean Address (Address your name has NEVER been attached to)

Timeframes for Number and Credit Approval

  • Number and Capital one Approval 3-5 days after payment clears
  • Credit Card Received by Client 7-10 days after approval

Phase Two – Authorized User Development – $50-$250

The ultimate success of this program relies on the development of your number and the credit file that is attached to it, at the same time this phase is 100% optional as you can move on to phase three without further development and obtain the same 4-6 credit lines with what you currently have on your file. What this phase will do is help make your file look stronger and ultimately allow you to obtain up to $20,000 in real and usable credit. In addition to the available credit you will have you will also have the option to earn more income as explained in phase four with a bigger, better, and stronger credit file.

Items Needed To Get Started

  • Name as Shown On Drivers License
  • Address Provided
  • Number You Are Using (Can be the number you obtained for free)
  • Date Of Birth
  • Choice or Choices of Authorized User Accounts You Want Added

Authorized User Account Information

  • Capital One Account – 11 years old, $4,000 limit – $250
  • Capital One – 4 year old, $300 limit – $100
  • Capital One – 2 year old $750 limit – $50
  • Bank Of America – 5 years old $13,000 limit – $200
  • Citibank – 5 years old $8,000 – $150
  • 26 additional options – Call For Pricing


Phase Three – Store Card Explosion – $400 after cards received

This phase is the most exciting of the program. In this phase we get our clients approved for 4-6 real live credit cards that are delivered to the client within 14 days. The only question is not whether you will be approved or not but for how much. The bigger, better, and stronger your credit file is the better chances you have of getting approved for larger credit lines. We already know that upon the completion of phase one without any additional work you will get approved for $2,500 – $3,000 in total credit and have a great foundation for your future credit endeavors. However, if you start adding additional tradelines to your cpn number you will qualify for much larger credit lines from the various creditors below.

What’s Our Secret?

We actually have an inside source, we have a contact at a credit card processing center that will put their code on your application when it is submitted, by submitting this code they are telling the creditors that they saw you face to face and verified your ID. This simple verification is a screaming endorsement that you are a real live breathing human being and allows your credit application to go through the process without the scrutiny applied to other methods of application gathering such as the internet or mail. (This means that if you try to apply for these loans through traditional methods you will be declined and your number will be burned)

What Credit Cards Will I Get

Our clients will obtain 4 of the following credit cards (there is know way to specify the ones you want) on very strong accounts we have had clients obtain all 6 right off the bat

  • Major Electronic Store Chain Card – This account can be used at store only
  • Major Gasoline Company- This account can be used at gas company only
  • Major Department Store  – This account can be used at Department Store
  • Major Department Store  – This account can be used at Department Store
  • Major Jewelry Store  – This account can be used at Jewelry
  • Major Retailer  – This account can be used at a Major Retailer

What Limits Will I Get?

The limit you get is determined by what is currently on your file. After stage one you will only have the Capital One account which will get you the cards but at fairly low limits, if you add authorized users accounts from stage two you will get higher limits and possible more actual cards.

Estimated Total Limits

  • No AU’s Added – $2,500 – $3,000 in total limits
  • 2 small AU’s Added – $4,000 – $6,000 in total limits
  • 1 medium AU Added – $7,000 – $12,000 in total limits
  • 1 medium and 1 large AU Added – $15,000 – $20,000 in total limits

Time Frame

  • Credit Card Approval 3 days
  • Credit Card Received By Client 7-10 days

To understand the legality of the use of a CPN Number please check out the Privacy Act of 1974