It Wasn’t a Death Threat

It Wasn’t a Death Threat

It seems like I am causing quite a stir in the CPN Number and SCN Number Industries, Over the last couple of days i received 3 different calls from different sellers of these controversial numbers. Apparently they went to my site at and realized I was giving away too much information about credit privacy numbers and wanted me to stop. They seemed to have several deals that fell through because of what potential clients learned from my free ebook.

This ebook answers over 30 of the top questions regarding credit protection numbers truthfully and “they” all seem to have an issue with it. Lucky for me all the calls ended peacefully but for a moment there i wasn’t sure what would happen.

I can only guess what the next step will be? will it be a cease and desist? can they do that? Don’t I have the right to free speech? Only time will tell…..In the meantime come visit us and get all the details once and for all.

How To Get a Free Privacy Number

Free CPN/SCN Number For A Limited Time

Free CPN Number or SCN Number BannerFor a limited time we are providing instructions on how you can obtain a CPN Number at no cost. We are doing this so you have the opportunity to learn exactly how and where these numbers are originated. In addition you will also know everything else about these numbers. You will learn how they are used, why they are able to create a new credit file. How they have changed throughout the years. The legal ramifications and how and why they are virtually useless after a certain amount of time.

You do not want to use these numbers without this extensive, very detailed, and to the point guide. Once you read this 12 page report your view and perception of CPN’s will change forever. Fill out our form today to get this exclusive, one time, limited offer.

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