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We have been in the credit business for over 15 years and have seen every tactic and technique available to help people obtain the very best credit ratings. It is our hope that you take time to speak to us so that you can benefit from our knowledge, experience and willingness to help. We believe in 100% full disclosure so our clients can make their own informed decisions regarding our products and services.

We invite you to take a minute to download our free ebook that goes over everything you need to know about all the different types of credit privacy numbers that are offered.

We do not want our clients to buy this product without knowing everything they need to know about how these numbers actually work. Once you have all the information then and only them do we want to offer you our service. You can get this information for free by either calling us at 813-345-4097 or filling out the form to the right and requesting access to our free 12 page ebook which will not only answer all your questions but will provide you with all the resources you need in order to make an educated decision. The resources include the actual wording of the law used to explain the legality of these numbers, access to videos of this subject covered in the news including the today show, we even provide links to all the resources used by professionals like us who provide these numbers to you so you can get your very own number at no cost. The questions we answer in this short ebook are as follows.

What are they? Page 3
What the difference between the types of numbers available? Page 3
How do these number actually create a new credit file? Page 4
Are they legal? Page 4
What the FBI says about them? Page 5
What is the history of these numbers? Page 5
Do they still work? Page 6
Can credit still be obtained with them? Page 6
How long does it take to properly develop one? Page 6
How are the lenders fighting them? Page 6
Where do these numbers come from? Page 6
How are these numbers validated? Page 7
What exactly does validated mean? Page 7
Is being validated really a good thing? Page 8
Whats the dirty little secret nobody will tell you? Page 9
Are people still getting loans with these numbers? Page 9
Whats dirty little secret number 2? Page 9
Are sellers blinded? Page 9
What about the FBI? Page 10
Want One? Page 10
What next? Page 11
Are they worth the expense? Page 11
What are some practical alternatives? Page 12


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